Lee-Hsueh Lee
Name Lee-Hsueh Lee
Job Title Professor, Chairperson
Educational Qualification Ph.D., Department of Horticulture, National Taiwan University
Work Experiences
  • Prof. / Department of Landscape Architecture, Chung Hua University 
  • A.P./ Department of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture, Chaoyang University of Technology
  • Engineer/China Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Specialty Landscape planning and design, Landscape ecological planning and design, Ecological aesthetic, Ageing friendly outdoor environment design
Email lslee@thu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. ext.121
Year Paper Title
2017 Lee-Hsueh Lee, Appearance’s aesthetic appreciation to inform water quality management of waterscape, Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 9, pp1645-1659
2017 Lee-Hsueh Lee and Jun Cheng Lin, Greening Approaches of Green Roof for Flower-Visiting Insects, Landscape Architecture and regional, 2, 2, pp43-50
2016 Lee-Hsueh Lee, The Relationship between Visual Satisfaction and Water Clarity and Quality Management in Tourism Fishing Ports, Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 8, pp787-796
2016 Wei-Po Huang , Lien-Kwei Chien1 and Lee-Hsueh Lee, Risk Maps and Coastal Defense Criteria in Taiwan, Journal of Marine Science and Technology, 24, 6, pp1105-1114, (SCI)
2016 Lee-Hsueh Lee, Perspectives on Landscape Aesthetics for the Ecological Conservation of Wetlands, Wetlands, Springer Published on line, (SCI)
2015 Lee-Hsueh Lee and Jun-Cheng Lin, Green Roof Performance Towards Good Habitat for Butterflies in the Compact City, International Journal of Biology, 7, 2, pp103-112
2015 Lee-Hsueh Lee and Yan-De Lee, The impact of water quality on the visual and olfactory satisfaction of tourists, Ocean and Coastal Management, 105, pp92-99, (SCI)
2014 李麗雪, 濕地生態景觀美質研究, 濕地學刊, 3, 1, pp27-38
2014 Lee-Hsueh Lee & Zi-Yuan Chang, A model for predicting tourist carrying capacity and implication for fish conservation, Environmental Biology of Fishes, Springer Published on line , pp1-14, (SCI)
2013 李麗雪, 金門浯江溪口濕地環境營造研究, 濕地學刊, 2, 1, pp17-29
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2012 李麗雪、林姿宏、簡仲璟、李俊穎, 海岸景觀美質評價模式研究, 海洋工程學刊, 12, 1, pp75-93
2009 14, 4, pp1-18
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Year Paper Title
2018 張家震、李麗雪, 慢跑者場地選擇影響因素研究, 第20屆休閒、遊憩、觀光學術研討會暨國際論壇
2018 Lee-Hsueh Lee, The aesthetic and ecological approaches joined to man-made structures for coastal wetland conservation, 2018 ICLEE 9th Conference
2017 李麗雪、許紋綾、詹佩華, 台北赤蛙濕地復育手法研究, 第15屆造園景觀學術研討會
2016 Lee-Hsueh Lee, Perspective of ecological aesthetic of conservation of coastal wetlands, 國際濕地研討會
2016 Lee-Hsueh Lee, Ecological aesthetic is the foundation of wetland conservation, 北京二岸園林交流會
2015 陳珈妤、蔡靜嫺、李麗雪, 植物對於情緒行為影響之探討-以栗樹芽包花精為例, 2015 景觀論壇:地景的翻轉機制學術研討會
2015 李麗雪、游蘭英、張弼涵、張宥薰, 新竹市十八尖山遊客設施滿意度研究, 第14屆造園景觀學術研討會
2014 李麗雪、陳志欣、陳弘凷, 海岸親水空間及景觀環境評估模式, 第36屆海洋工程研討會
2013 馬雅玲、李麗雪, 園區廠房綠屋頂推行策略之研究-以新竹科學園區為例, 第12屆臺灣造園景觀學術研討會
2011 李麗雪,林姿宏, 海岸景觀美質評價模式之研究, 海洋工程研討會
2011 林俊誠,李麗雪, 屋頂綠化之植栽分層結構對昆蟲回復效益研究, 2011景觀論壇
2011 李麗雪,林姿宏, 海岸景觀美質評價模式之研究, 海洋工程研討會
2010 李麗雪、張子源, 蓬萊溪護漁步道可接受遊客人數研究, 第8屆造園景觀學術研討會
2010 Lee-Hsueh Lee, Assessment of Visual and Olfactory Perception of Water Quality in a Fishing Harbor, The 47TH IFLA Congress
2010 李麗雪、許博森, 後龍石滬發展生態旅遊可行性研究, 2011第9屆造園景觀學術研討會
2010 李麗雪, 海岸人工潟湖:台灣石滬的活化與再利用研究, 第3屆海峽兩岸人工濕地研討會
2010 李麗雪、林姿宏, 港灣設施景觀規劃設計之研究, 第32屆海洋工程研討會
2009 李麗雪, 台北國際花卉博覽會遊客活動設施需求探討, 第七屆造園景觀學術研討會
2009 李麗雪, 遊客對海岸風車景觀的認知感受評估, 第七屆造園景觀學術研討會
2009 Lee-Hsueh Lee and Bo-Sen Xu, A study on the landscape esthetics of water color a river, 15TH International symposium on society and resource management