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International Student

Sreerag Chota Veettil (席瑞拉)
Name:Sreerag Chota Veettil
(席瑞拉,INDIA,Graduating Master's Class in 2022) 

(1) Why did you choose to study in Taiwan? 
Coming from India, I was drawn to Taiwan for its vibrant culture, innovative approach to education, and renowned landscape architecture programs. Additionally, Taiwan's emphasis on sustainability and environmental design aligned perfectly with my academic and professional goals. 
(2) How does the department help international students in their study and life? 
The department at Tunghai University offers extensive support to international students, providing resources and guidance to navigate the academic curriculum and adapt to life in Taiwan. Faculty members are dedicated to fostering a supportive learning environment and offer mentorship even after graduation. 
(3) What do you gain from studying in Taiwan? 
Studying in Taiwan has enriched my academic experience by exposing me to diverse perspectives in landscape architecture. I've had the opportunity to immerse myself in Taiwan's rich culture, explore its breathtaking landscapes, and gain insights into innovative approaches to sustainable design. Additionally, networking with professionals in the field has broadened my understanding and opened doors to future opportunities. 
(4) Do you recommend students from your own country to study in Tunghai University? 
Absolutely. I wholeheartedly recommend Tunghai University to students from India seeking quality education in landscape architecture. The university's comprehensive curriculum, supportive faculty, and vibrant campus life provide an ideal environment for personal and academic growth.