Yu-Lan Yuan
Name Yu-Lan Yuan
Job Title Associate Professor
Educational Qualification Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign M.L.A., University of Arizona B.S., Tunghai University
Specialty Computational Social Science, Destination Management and Planning
Email yoyoyuan@go.thu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. ext.123
Year Paper Title
2020 In print, (SSCI)
2020 27, 4, (Others)
2020 半年內刊登, (Others)
2019 2, (TSSCI)
2018 Yuan, Y, Tseng, Y.H. & Ho, C.I., Tourism information technology research trends: 1990-2016, Tourism Review, in print, (SCI)
2018 Cheng, J. C. H., Chiang, A. H., Yuan, Y., & Huang, M. Y. , Exploring Antecedents of Green Tourism Behaviors: A Case Study in Suburban Areas of Taipei, Taiwan, Sustainability, 10, 6, (SSCI)
2017 Yulan Yuan, Chaang-Iuan Ho, Needs analysis of national parks for applying big data solutions in tourism management, International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 4, 4, pp33-40, (SCI)
2017 原友蘭、何昶鴛、潘冰, The Use of Big Data in Tourism Management of National Parks, National Parks, 27, 1, pp58-71
2017 Chaang-Iuan Ho , Ming-Chih Chen , Yu-Lan Yuan, A structural equation model for consumers’ mobile-based information search: A case of outbound Chinese Tourists, International Journal of Supply Chain Management, 6, 3, pp212-217
2016 何昶鴛、 黃緒瀚、原友蘭、陳銘芷, 29, 4, pp103-133, (Others)
2016 Yulan, Y., Tseng, Y.H. & Ho, C.I. , Knowledge base and flow of major tourism and hospitality journals, Global Review of Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Management, 2, 1, pp354-372
2015 原友蘭、 劉吉川、何昶鴛, What people ask? A content analysis of email messages sent to Yushan National Park, Quarterly Journal of Chinese Forestry, 48, 3, pp231-250, (TSSCI)
2015 Yuan, Y., Gretzel, U., & Tseng, Y.H., Revealing the nature of contemporary tourism research: Extracting common subject areas through bibliographic coupling, International Journal of Tourism Research, 17, 5, pp417-431, (SSCI)
2014 Yuan, Y. Y., Tseng, Y.H. & Chang, C.Y. , Tourism subfield identification via journal clustering, Annals of Tourism Research, 47, pp77-80, (SSCI)
Project Category Year Project Title Participator Job Title Period Unit
產學合作計劃 2022 2022.08 ~ 2022.11
Research Projects 2021 2021.03 ~ 2022.05
研究計畫(公家單位) 2020 2019.10 ~ 2020.11
Research Projects 2019 2017.08 ~ 2019.01
研究計畫(公家單位) 2018 2018.08 ~ 2019.03
研究計畫(民間企業) 2017 2019.04 ~ 2019.11
Research Projects 2016 2016.08 ~ 2017.07
Lab Title Location
LaRa: Landscape Resource Assessment Lab H307
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
Information Technology & Tourism Editorial Board member 2021.02 ~ 2036.12
2021.01 ~ 2021.12
2021.01 ~ 2021.12
World Leisure Organization Taiwan Chapter Board member 2020.01 ~ 2022.12
2020.01 ~ 2021.12
Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research Editorial board member 2016.01 ~ 2026.12
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Outside School Honor 2021
Outside School Honor 2020
Outside School Honor 2019
Outside School Honor 2018
Outside School Honor 2015 Cultivation of Key Talent for Tourism Industry Award Taiwan Tourism Bureau
Outside School Honor 2015 The Best Paper Award Asia Pacific Tourism Association
Outside School Honor 2014 The Best Destination Management Organizations case study for the Use of Information and Communication Technoloy International Federation for IT and Travel & Committee Tourism
Inside School Honor 2013 Teaching Excellency Award Jinwei University of Science and Technology
Outside School Honor 2013 International Awards for Liveable Community, Silver Award United Nation