Shih-Han Hung
Name Shih-Han Hung
Job Title Project Assistant Professor
Office Tel No. ext.124
Year Paper Title
2022 Yeh, Y. C., Yeh, A., Hung, S. H., Wu, C. C., Tung, Y. H., Liu, S. Y., Sullivan, W. C., & Chang, C. Y., An Application for Pairing with Wearable Devices to Monitor Personal Health Status, JoVE, 180
2021 Tsai, Y. P., Hung, S. H., Huang, T. R., Sullivan, W. C., Tang, S. A., & Chang, C. Y., What part of the brain is involved in graphic design thinking in landscape architecture? , PLOS ONE, 16, 12
2021 洪詩涵、余筱翎、張俊彥, 每日生活環境與自然接觸時間劑量對情緒之研究, 戶外遊憩研究, 34, 2, pp111-135, (TSSCI)
2021 Chou, W. Y. & Hung, S. H., Cumulative Frequency of Nature Dose: How Continuous and Regular Forest Walking Improves Nature Relatedness, Restorativeness, and Learning Engagement in College Students, Sustainability, 13, 20, (SSCI)
2021 Hung, S. H., Chou, W. Y., & Chang, C. Y., A Study on Practicing Qigong and Getting Better Health Benefits in Biophilic Urban Green Spaces, Sustainability, 13, 4, (SSCI)
2021 Hung, S. H. & Chang, C. Y., Health benefits of evidence-based biophilic-designed environments: A review, Journal of People Plants Environment, 24, 1, pp1-16, (Others)
2021 洪詩涵、鐘文翎、張俊彥, 都市之肺-運用注意力恢復力理論、偏好矩陣及八種感官知覺探討大安森林公園環境設計與配置, 造園季刊, 93, pp28-39
2021 Hung, S. H., Hwang, C. Y., & Chang, C. Y., Is the Qi experience related to the flow experience? Practicing qigong in urban green spaces. , PLOS ONE, 16, 1
2020 洪詩涵、張俊彥, 建構感知親生命性設計於環境體驗之概念架構, 造園景觀學報, 24, 4, pp41-71
2020 張俊彥、洪詩涵, 景觀與設計遇上神經影像腦科學, 科學月刊, 567, pp37-41
2020 周宛俞、洪詩涵、張俊彥, 傳統環境氣:以人體為「氣感應」探討健康景觀特徵, 戶外遊憩研究, 33, 4, pp23-49, (TSSCI)
2020 林怡廷、洪詩涵、湯幸芬、張俊彥, 森林景觀環境對創造力及情緒研究, 建築學報, 114, pp107-121, (TSSCI)
2017 Tang, I. C., Tsai, Y. P., Lin, Y. J., Chen, J. H., Hsieh, C. H., Hung, S. H., Sullivan, C. W., Tang, H.-F., & Chang, C. Y, Using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to analyze brain region activity when viewing landscapes, Landscape and Urban Planning, 162, pp137-144, (SSCI)
Year Paper Title
2021 Hung, S. H. & Yeh, Y. C , An application of the Healthy Landscape ImageDatabase on selecting outdoor recreation, Session: New Technology to Measure the Health Benefits of Outdoor Recreation Activities, Virtual Conference, 口頭報告
2021 Hung, S. H., From research to practice: bridging the “knowledge-action” gap, 2021 SCL Live Webinar Series: "Landscape and Health", Virtual Conference, 口頭報告
2021 Hung, S. H. & Chang, C. Y., Biophilic and Qi Experience in Horticultural Therapy, XV International People Plant Symposium and II International Symposium on Horticultural Therapies: the Role of Horticulture in Human Well-being and Social Development, Virtual Conference, 口頭報告
2021 Hung, S. H. & Chang, C. Y., How Biophilic Relates to Landscape Ecology? An Approach on Linking Perceived Biophilic Design, Landscape Preference, and Health Benefits in Built Environment. , 2021 ICLEE International Conference: Health, it matters: Responsible Mission for ICLEE, Virtual Conference, 口頭報告
2021 Hung, S. H. & Chang, C. Y., A Framework for Re-Thinking Biophilia, Biophilic Design, and Qi in Outdoor Recreation, 2021 Virtual IASNR Conference, Virtual Conference, 口頭報告
2020 洪詩涵、張俊彥, 運用氣感體驗於都市綠地中建構傳統環境氣及親生命問卷, 2020第18屆造園景觀學術研討會, 台中, 口頭報告
2020 Hung, S. H & Chang, C. Y, Using AI to Extract Biophilic Design Elements and Predict Health Benefits and Tradition Environmental Qi, 4th APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Virtual Conference and PhD Symposium, Virtual Conference, 口頭報告
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
Taiwan National Taiwan University Department of Horticulture and landscape Architecture PhD 2017.09 ~ 2022.01
Taiwan National Taiwan University Department of Horticulture and landscape Architecture Master 2011.09 ~ 2013.08
Taiwan National Chung Hsing University Department of Horticulture B.S. Degree 2007.09 ~ 2011.06
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
Taichung City New Construction Office Assistant Engineer 2018.01 ~ 2019.08
Taichung City Government Construction Bureau Assistant Engineer 2017.03 ~ 2017.12
Outdoor Recreation Association Journal for Outdoor Recreation Study Assistant editor 2013.12 ~ 2016.03
National Taiwan University Department of Horticulture and landscape Architecture Research Assistant 2013.08 ~ 2017.03