Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
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2014 Ho, L.-C., Chen, J.-C.*, & Chang, C.-Y., Changes in the visual preference after stream remediation using an image power spectrum: Stone revetment construction in the Nan-Shi-Ken stream, Taiwan. Ecological Engineering, 71, pp426-431, (SCI)
2014 李麗雪, 濕地生態景觀美質研究, 濕地學刊, 3, 1, pp27-38
2014 Lee-Hsueh Lee & Zi-Yuan Chang, A model for predicting tourist carrying capacity and implication for fish conservation, Environmental Biology of Fishes, Springer Published on line , pp1-14, (SCI)
2013 蔡宛潔、章錦瑜, 27, 2, pp37-66, (Others)