Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
2017 何立智, 「Geodesign 應用於環境設計課程之行動研究 -以台大心理系周遭環境為例」, 華梵藝術與設計學報, 12, pp1-17
2017 Lee-Hsueh Lee, Appearance’s aesthetic appreciation to inform water quality management of waterscape, Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 9, pp1645-1659
2017 Lee-Hsueh Lee and Jun Cheng Lin, Greening Approaches of Green Roof for Flower-Visiting Insects, Landscape Architecture and regional, 2, 2, pp43-50
2017 鄒君瑋、王巽暉、章錦瑜, 修剪對觀賞植物寒害復原之影響-以東海大學校園為例(A Study on the Effect of Pruning on Chilling Injury Restoration of Landscape Plants in Tunghai University), 設計與環境學報, 18, pp69-84
2017 Tang, I. C., Tsai, Y. P., Lin, Y. J., Chen, J. H., Hsieh, C. H., Hung, S. H., Sullivan, C. W., Tang, H.-F., & Chang, C. Y, Using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to analyze brain region activity when viewing landscapes, Landscape and Urban Planning, 162, pp137-144, (SSCI)