Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
2019 Pei-Ling Wu, Yu-Aung Xiao, Yi-Yu Huang, The evaluation of environmental change using landscape metrics, Journal of Art and Design, 7, pp143-160
2019 7, pp161-176, (Others)
2019 Choice behavior in the era of experience economy: hedonic consumption in the hospitality industry, Journal of Art and Design, 7, pp143-160
2018 Yi-Yu Huang, Chien-Teh Chen, Wen-Tsan Liu, Thermal performance of extensive green roofs in a subtropical metropolitan area (SCI, 2018 I.F.=4.495, JIF=96.591%, Q1), Energy and Buildings, 159, pp39-53, (SCI)
2018 Yuan, Y, Tseng, Y.H. & Ho, C.I., Tourism information technology research trends: 1990-2016, Tourism Review, in print, (SCI)