Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
2015 原友蘭、 劉吉川、何昶鴛, What people ask? A content analysis of email messages sent to Yushan National Park, Quarterly Journal of Chinese Forestry, 48, 3, pp231-250, (TSSCI)
2015 章錦瑜、魏晉興, 20, 4, pp15-41
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2015 鄒君瑋、歐聖榮, 中苗地區農村社區暨全臺十大經典農漁村因應高齡者需求之人力資源與生活環境改善策略研析, 興大園藝, 40, 1, pp75-90
2015 Lee-Hsueh Lee and Jun-Cheng Lin, Green Roof Performance Towards Good Habitat for Butterflies in the Compact City, International Journal of Biology, 7, 2, pp103-112