Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
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2016 Lee-Hsueh Lee, Perspectives on Landscape Aesthetics for the Ecological Conservation of Wetlands, Wetlands, Springer Published on line, (SCI)
2016 郭芸君、陳佩君、鄒君瑋、謝維芳、歐聖榮, 植栽季節變化組合對道路使用者偏好之影響(Influence of Different Planting Combinations with Seasonal Change on Road Users' Preference), 設計與環境學報, 17, pp69-87
2015 Li, L.W.* and Yu, Y.H, Planning low carbon communities: Why is a self-sustaining energy management system indispensable?, Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning and Policy, 11, 4, pp371-376, (SCI)
2015 21, 1-2, pp257-297, (TSSCI)