Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
2016 Yi-Yu Huang, Chien-Teh Chen, Yen-Chi Tsai, Reduction of temperatures and temperature fluctuations by hydroponic green roofs in a subtropical urban climate (SCI, 2016 I.F.=4.067, JIF Percentile = 98.000%, Q1), Energy and Buildings, 129, pp174-185, (SCI)
2016 何昶鴛、 黃緒瀚、原友蘭、陳銘芷, 29, 4, pp103-133, (Others)
2016 Yulan, Y., Tseng, Y.H. & Ho, C.I. , Knowledge base and flow of major tourism and hospitality journals, Global Review of Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Management, 2, 1, pp354-372
2016 章錦瑜、鄒君瑋、林思媛, 21, 2, pp25-51
2016 Li, L.W.* and Yu, Y.H, From Self-Interest to Community-Interest: Low Carbon Community-Based Process and Practice, International Journal of Green Energy, 10, 9, pp984-998, (SCI)