Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
2017 Yulan Yuan, Chaang-Iuan Ho, Needs analysis of national parks for applying big data solutions in tourism management, International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 4, 4, pp33-40, (SCI)
2017 原友蘭、何昶鴛、潘冰, The Use of Big Data in Tourism Management of National Parks, National Parks, 27, 1, pp58-71
2017 Chaang-Iuan Ho , Ming-Chih Chen , Yu-Lan Yuan, A structural equation model for consumers’ mobile-based information search: A case of outbound Chinese Tourists, International Journal of Supply Chain Management, 6, 3, pp212-217
2017 99, pp79-95
2017 何立智, 「Geodesign 應用於環境設計課程之行動研究 -以台大心理系周遭環境為例」, 華梵藝術與設計學報, 12, pp1-17