Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
2021 Chou, W. Y. & Hung, S. H., Cumulative Frequency of Nature Dose: How Continuous and Regular Forest Walking Improves Nature Relatedness, Restorativeness, and Learning Engagement in College Students, Sustainability, 13, 20, (SSCI)
2021 Hung, S. H., Chou, W. Y., & Chang, C. Y., A Study on Practicing Qigong and Getting Better Health Benefits in Biophilic Urban Green Spaces, Sustainability, 13, 4, (SSCI)
2021 Hung, S. H. & Chang, C. Y., Health benefits of evidence-based biophilic-designed environments: A review, Journal of People Plants Environment, 24, 1, pp1-16, (Others)
2021 洪詩涵、鐘文翎、張俊彥, 都市之肺-運用注意力恢復力理論、偏好矩陣及八種感官知覺探討大安森林公園環境設計與配置, 造園季刊, 93, pp28-39
2021 Hung, S. H., Hwang, C. Y., & Chang, C. Y., Is the Qi experience related to the flow experience? Practicing qigong in urban green spaces. , PLOS ONE, 16, 1