Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
2019 Using edible plant and lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) to strengthen the thermal performance of extensive green roofs in subtropical urban areas (SCI, 2017 I.F.=2.676, JIF=51.031%, Q2), Energies, 3, 12, pp424-451, (SCI)
2019 Pei-Ling Wu, Yu-Aung Xiao, Yi-Yu Huang, The evaluation of environmental change using landscape metrics, Journal of Art and Design, 7, pp143-160
2019 7, pp161-176, (Others)
2018 Yi-Yu Huang, Chien-Teh Chen, Wen-Tsan Liu, Thermal performance of extensive green roofs in a subtropical metropolitan area (SCI, 2018 I.F.=4.495, JIF=96.591%, Q1), Energy and Buildings, 159, pp39-53, (SCI)
2018 Yuan, Y, Tseng, Y.H. & Ho, C.I., Tourism information technology research trends: 1990-2016, Tourism Review, in print, (SCI)