Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
2021 8, pp75-89, (Others)
2021 The exploration of factors affecting spirit of place and qualia in Taiwan's Litoudian historic district industry, Journal of Art and Design, 8, pp51-74
2021 8, pp29-48
2021 Tsai, Y. P., Hung, S. H., Huang, T. R., Sullivan, W. C., Tang, S. A., & Chang, C. Y., What part of the brain is involved in graphic design thinking in landscape architecture? , PLOS ONE, 16, 12
2021 洪詩涵、余筱翎、張俊彥, 每日生活環境與自然接觸時間劑量對情緒之研究, 戶外遊憩研究, 34, 2, pp111-135, (TSSCI)