Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
2016 Li, L.W.* and Yu, Y.H, From Self-Interest to Community-Interest: Low Carbon Community-Based Process and Practice, International Journal of Green Energy, 10, 9, pp984-998, (SCI)
2016 鄒君瑋、歐聖榮, 不同發展型態農村社區之遊客環境知覺差異性研究, 興大園藝, 41, 1, pp117-132
2016 何立智*、張俊彥, 知覺自然度指標之建立, 華梵藝術與設計學報, 11, pp63-73
2016 Lee-Hsueh Lee, The Relationship between Visual Satisfaction and Water Clarity and Quality Management in Tourism Fishing Ports, Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 8, pp787-796
2016 Wei-Po Huang , Lien-Kwei Chien1 and Lee-Hsueh Lee, Risk Maps and Coastal Defense Criteria in Taiwan, Journal of Marine Science and Technology, 24, 6, pp1105-1114, (SCI)