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Paper Title Journal Title Authors Year Vol.No Issue.No Level Type
Li-Chih Ho 2024 37 2 (TSSCI)
Li-Chih Ho 2023 19 (SCI)
Li-Chih Ho 2023 78 (SCI)
2023 37 (SCI)
2023 (SCI)
Li-Chih Ho 2023 232 (SSCI, SCI)
An Application for Pairing with Wearable Devices to Monitor Personal Health Status JoVE Shih-Han Hung ,Yeh, Y. C., Yeh, A., Hung, S. H., Wu, C. C., Tung, Y. H., Liu, S. Y., Sullivan, W. C., & Chang, C. Y. 2022 180
語意分割技術於景觀評估之運用 戶外遊憩研究 Li-Chih Ho 2022 35 2 (TSSCI)
Yi-Yu Huang 2021 8
Examining the effects of attributes on bed and breakfast room rates in central Taiwan: A hedonic pricing approach Journal of Art and Design Yi-Yu Huang ,Yi-Yu Huang, Pei-Ling Wu 2021 8